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PA GOP supports Rafferty, Brown and Voit for statewide row offices

HERSHEY, PA — The Republican Party of Pennsylvania announced its support of State Senator John Rafferty for Attorney General, Northampton County Executive John Brown for Auditor General and Berks County businessman Otto Voit for Treasurer during the Party’s Winter Meeting at the Hotel Hershey over the weekend.

Final State of the Union highlights failures of Obama-Clinton agenda

HARRISBURG, PA — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address.

“President Obama spent his final State of the Union address pandering to the Democrats’ extreme liberal base on behalf of Hillary Clinton,” Gleason said. “In the days leading up to this address, the Obama Administration admitted this State of the Union was focused more on Hillary Clinton’s campaign than any concrete ways to improve our country. While millions of Americans are looking for work, President Obama is focused on a electing a Democrat who will continue his failed policies for four more years.

Pat Toomey statement on Philadelphia reinstating sanctuary city status

NORTH WALES, PA — Senator Pat Toomey today released the following statement in reaction to newly sworn-in Mayor Jim Kenney’s decision to restore Philadelphia’s sanctuary city status.

“The City of Philadelphia has unfortunately decided to defy both federal law and common sense at the expense of keeping Pennsylvanians safe,” said Senator Pat Toomey. “I strongly urge more Pennsylvania Democrats to call on Mayor Kenney to reconsider his decision to shield dangerous and violent criminals from federal authorities just because they are illegal immigrants.”

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham to speak at 2016 PA GOP Lincoln Day Reception

HARRISBURG, PA — U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham will serve as the keynote speaker for the Republican Party of Pennsylvania’s 2016 Lincoln Day Reception, PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason announced today.

“Senator Lindsey Graham has established himself as a leading voice on American foreign policy and national security,” Gleason said. “Over his thirteen years of service in the United States Senate, Lindsey Graham has been a strong and consistent champion of policies that will keep our country safe. As a fellow Air Force veteran, I applaud Senator Graham’s thirty-three years of military service to our country.

Tom Wolf’s disastrous first year: The Marcus Brown Saga

HARRISBURG, PA — In anticipation of Tom Wolf’s first anniversary as Governor, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania is taking a look back on some of the major issues that occurred during his first year in office.

We begin with the eight month saga of Marcus Brown, the failed nominee for State Police Commissioner who received a golden parachute from Governor Tom Wolf in Pennsylvania’s Office of Homeland Security.

GOP-led effort to provide relief to schools and social services signed into law

HARRISBURG, PA — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the latest budget development.

“Tom Wolf finally admitted his multi-billion dollar mistake,” Gleason said. “When Tom Wolf issued a complete veto of the Republicans’ on-time budget last June, he needlessly plunged our school districts and non-profits into a six-month crisis.”

“Throughout this year, Tom Wolf has repeatedly made special interests his top priority. It is tragic that so many schools and non-profits were faced with unpaid bills, layoffs and even closures because Tom Wolf used them as political pawns in his reckless budget game.

“It is time for Tom Wolf to join with Republicans in enacting a fiscally responsible budget that puts our Commonwealth on the right track for the future.”

Time to let the climate scare die

By Tom Harris

2015 was the year the United Nations and governments around the world abandoned rational thought about climate change. Rather than focus on preparing for the very real problems of a continually changing climate, they concentrated instead on the politically correct, but scientifically impossible goal of ‘stopping climate change.’ The whole lot of them seem to have been transported to Neverland.

Peter Pan author J. M. Barrie tells us that Neverlands are found in the minds of children. There, with the assistance of fairy dust, Peter Pan can fly and teaches children to ignore their common sense and soar as well. Peter claims greatness, is able to feel danger when it is near, and can even imagine things into existence. There is almost nothing the hero of Neverland cannot do, provided he stays childlike and forgets everything he learns about the real world.

Harry Reid: Call Your Office

As Pennsylvania’s budget stalemate enters its sixth month, Harry Reid fundraises off of McGinty’s failed tax-and-spend plan

NORTH WALES, PA — Last week, Harry Reid and the Democratic Party machine further embraced their hand-picked candidate: Katie McGinty. In a fundraising letter, Reid amazingly picked the role McGinty played in drafting and advocating for Governor Tom Wolf’s budget proposal as the top reason to support her.

Extreme lib Joe Sestak continues to insist that ISIS is “almost out of gas”

ALLENTOWN, PA — The Toomey for Senate campaign released a video highlighting Joe Sestak’s continuing claim that ISIS is “almost out of gas.” In fact, as Sestak insists that his comments from 2014 are still correct, many less extreme Democrats in Pennsylvania and Washington have correctly observed that ISIS is anything but contained.

Wolf administration refuses to end the budget crisis

HARRISBURG, PA — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding the Wolf Administration’s claim they will not be taking the PA House GOP’s budget deadline “seriously.”

“Tom Wolf hasn’t taken this budget crisis seriously since it started,” Sweeney said. “Tom Wolf’s complete budget veto plunged our Commonwealth into this budget crisis in the first place. Tom Wolf decided to not take the Republicans’ repeated efforts to provide emergency funding for our schools and social services seriously, and as a result our schools and non-profits are closing.